Husband Became Gay

I love my husband, but our marriage is just a front. We met when I still worked for London escorts. It was a few years ago when men found out to tell others that they are gay. Instead of telling his business colleagues that he was gay, my husband used to contact London escorts. We met on a business date, and I immediately adored him. After our first date, we carried on dating for a little while, and he was happy to use our London escorts agency. Eventually, he plucked up the courage to tell me that he loved me, but the problem was that he was gay.

It came as a bit of shock. Working for London escorts, you normally get a sense of what a person is all about. I did not get the feeling that Joe was gay. Ever since I first met him on a London escorts date, he had struck me as an ordinary straight guy. I enjoyed his company and to be honest, I really did feel that we had a gone thing going. In fact, I was in love with Joe but I did not want to tell him.

As I sat there looking at Joe, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him even though he was gay. The way we felt about each other transcendent sexuality and that was kind of refreshing. I know that many ladies who find out their husbands are gay are shocked, but I never felt that way. It was more of a calm realisation that Joe was gay but it did not bother me. But, I did not tell any of my charlotte London escorts friends that I knew Joe was gay. It was one of those things that I decided to keep to myself.

After that day, Joe and I started to spend more and more time together. Before I knew it, it felt like we were a couple and I was taking days off from charlotte London escorts to spend time with him. He was still not happy to tell his friends that he was gay. So, when he asked me if I wanted to leave London escorts to be with him, I was not surprised. I knew that we had a gone thing going and he was the man I would be willing to give up London escorts for. A couple of weeks later, I left the escort agency in London I was working for at the time.

How is my life today? Not all girls who leave London escorts to be with a man they met when they still worked for a charlotte outcall escorts agency, have been lucky. But, Joe and I have a good thing going. We even have a sex life of sorts. He loves to play with sex toys and I rather get a kick out of his attentions. What is our future? Well, it would be nice to have a family. Joe loves kids as much as I do and I know that he would make the best dad ever. Maybe this is the perfect relationship? Anyway, I am not going to say anything negative about us. We work as a couple and maybe we will work as a family.

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