Do you know if it is illegal to have sex in cars?

A couple of my friends who work as Harlow escorts say that it is illegal to have sex in cars in the UK, and you shouldn’t do it. I have never had sex in a car, but now that harlow escorts of mentioned it, I would rather fancy trying it.
Most of us obviously have sex at home in bed, but I read in a magazine that people have sex in the weirdest places. And did you know that it is legal to have sex outdoors in parks? According to the London Escorts Guide people also like to have sex on balconies. It turns out that this is a fetish which affects more women than men. I find that a bit odd because a lot of ladies suffer from vertigo, and I know a couple of Harlow escorts who suffer from vertigo really badly.
However, I did ask around some of my girlfriends and it seem that some ladies do have thing for sex on balconies. They say it has something to with the in between space. A balcony is not outdoors, not is it in indoors. Not so sure if I would fancy that. The ultimate fetish would be to join the mile high club and have sex on an airplane. It sounds like a lot of people would like to do that. Personally I could not imagine myself as having sex somewhere as tacky as an airplane toilet but it might turn some people on. I wouldn’t mind having sex in one of those new fancy sleeper beds that they have on the new planes but I could not see myself as having sex in regular seat.
It would just be way to uncomfortable and all too public for me. Talking about flying. One of the Harlow escorts that I know would like to have sex in hot air balloon, I mean how kinky is that? Would that be with the pilot or one of the passengers. She said that she did not care, she just wanted to have sex in an a hot air balloon whilst flying over Africa or something like that. I suppose that it is perhaps one of the most exotic sex suggestions I have heard Harlow escorts come up with, and to be honest it sounds kind of neat and exciting.
A once in a life time experience. I wonder if people have sex on the International Space Station. Could you imagine having sex in zero gravity? I think that would be kind of neat, and it would really be the ultimate sex show. You would be floating above the earth and all of those people would not know that you were having sex. Do you have any fetishes about places that you would like to have sex in? If that is the case, contact the London Escorts Guide because I know they are sort of doing a survey at the moment and will be compiling a top ten list.

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